Website-based storefront


If a customer owns website with product catalog and wants to provide customers with the functionality of an interactive storefront, there are typical task arises to deploy this site on a payment kiosk.

Reformatting the site into a payment kiosk involves ensuring work with payment systems, including accepting cash and non-cash payments, supporting FPS and fiscalization.


1. Kiosk interface is a web application that runs inside the Electron framework and is a special copy of the Chrome browser at modern engine.

2. As part of the solution, there are internal mechanisms that allow to interact with environment of the kiosk. These universal functions provide work with specific equipment, as a result, for example, the payment method is entirely performed on the side of the self-service kiosk.

3. The website itself will need to be modified to implement a single call to a specific method over a specific protocol. Next, the customer will be able to open the payment interface on the kiosk and provide clients with access to payment.

4. Depending on the CMS of website or without using it, our specialists provide plugin that will provide call to the payment kiosk.

5. Payment processing occurs in a similar way to acquiring. Payment information is sent to our server and then exported to the customer’s accounting system. We pay special attention to security — since there is no way to guarantee the authenticity of the payment transaction in the web browser itself, payment data is sent through a separate channel.


Virtual keyboard

Smartix kiosks support the use of virtual keyboards built into the core — when clicking in the input field, an alphanumeric keyboard is dynamically opened which the client uses to enter data. Language switching is supported, keyboard is made in the same style as kiosk interface.


Special mechanisms limit the ability to minimize the interface on the kiosk. Access to desktop is blocked, kiosk software works only according to specified scenarios.

Web content filtering is provided. List of valid transitions is supported (only within a domain and subdomains, or within a given white list of domains). Automatically returns to specified start web page when idle.

Advertising features

The presence of specialized advertising module allows to set up advertising campaigns using animated and static banners, videos based on web technologies with many parameters, taking into account demonstrations.

Management is carried out through the back office, simple content uploading, playlist setup, demonstration linking to various network segments are supported. The order, time and frequency of playback are flexibly configured.

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