Kiosks for pick-up points

About project

Federal chain of pet products stores Le‘Murrr, the largest pet supply chain in Russia, has chosen Smartix self-service kiosks for installation in its own hybrid pick-up points. To date, the customer has implemented 20 devices in St. Petersburg, the next step is further automation of pickup points in other cities.

By the end of 2022, Le'Murrr started to launch a new format for selling its products — hybrid pickup points, which are points with a small area, equipped with grocery shelves and sales assistant. This format combines the advantages of a classic pick-up point (small area, low rent and payroll) and regular outlet (there is a sales assistant, shelves with goods).

Kiosks at pickup point are key channel for converting customers, as they are a showcase for an online store. This also means that customers can place an order for any product of the pet market chain at the kiosk and not just the one that is presented at a small point with a limited assortment.


Instead of creating catalog with an existing range of products, Smartix specialists offered the customer to deploy an existing website on a kiosk. The customer uses 1C-Bitrix as the store's website CMS for which the Smartix kiosk software already includes a ready-made integration module. The solution allows at minimal cost and in the shortest possible time to display the site in the interface of the self-service device and start accepting orders.

Le'Murrr kiosks are integrated with the Smartix payment module. After forming product cart, client goes to the payment screen and pays for the order with bank card through a POS-terminal. Reformatting the site into a payment kiosk involves ensuring work with payment systems, including accepting cash and non-cash payments, supporting Fast payment system from Sber and fiscalization.


Smartix self-service kiosks act as key tool for receiving and paying for orders in the modern pickup points of Le'Murrr pet supply chain. The devices allow to redirect sales from the traditional format to e-commerce, expand the available assortment thanks to the digital storefront.
Kiosk-based online store and built-in capabilities provide maximum convenience for the modern customer, as well as effective cost reduction for the retailer.
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