Automation of orders in fitness cafe based on Smartix kiosks for fitness clubs

Fitness cafe is an integral part of modern fitness club and the higher level of service, the more important the convenience of ordering and paying for food and drinks for visitors. The classic format is to place an order in advance by phone or in the establishment itself, but in both cases additional steps or unnecessary waiting are required during the preparation process.

Smartix company offers automation functionality for placing orders in cafes based on its own kiosks for fitness clubs. The solution supports ready-made integration with 1C:Fitness module for fitness cafes and bars, and can be adapted to other accounting systems.

Thanks to the new functionality, in addition to managing memberships and selling training packages, kiosks are now also used to deploy an interactive display of the fitness cafe menu. The devices are installed in any location convenient for visitors — in the locker room, training area, at the reception or directly in the cafe/bar.

The user just needs to log in to the kiosk with membership card, bracelet or phone number, select menu section and add the desired dishes and drinks to the cart. After confirming the order, data about it is sent to the kitchen and dishes begin to be prepared and user can use the time to visit the solarium, shower and change clothes. After completing all procedures, client comes to the cafe and enjoys finished dishes without additional waiting.

Depending on the conditions of fitness club, the order is paid by bank card at the kiosk immediately or the payment amount can be added to the client’s debt for payment in the future.

Automation of fitness cafe using Smartix kiosks is visual and convenient interactive showcase with an assortment of menus, quick ordering in a few touches without unnecessary actions: calling the phone, installing mobile applications, visiting websites. The devices significantly save visitor’s time and speed up service. And the modern format for accepting orders increases the level of service for existing clients and attracts even more visitors who appreciate the quality of services and personal time.