Lokomotiv football club implement self-checkouts based on Smartix software

Lokomotiv football club has implemented self-service checkouts to automate a new flagship store selling official products and merchandise. Outlet is no longer required to maintain the usual size of the staff of cashiers. Now visitors can independently scan and pay for goods in a contactless way.

Project features

Project include Smartix out of the box solution for self-service checkouts specially designed for retail automation. The manufacturer and supplier of the kiosks is TOUCHPLAT, Russian manufacturer of self-service systems. The combined software and hardware complex uses one of the most functional software on the market and premium kiosks. The solution supports self-checkout scanning, selection of products from the catalog in the interface, work with loyalty systems, payment by bank card, as well as the possibility of flexible modifications at request.

Solution is based on TOUCHPLAT® cash register model SC-04, a modern, compact desktop self-service device. The checkout is perfect for medium-sized stores that require placement of retail equipment in limited areas.

Despite the modest dimensions, SC-04 self-checkout has functionality that is not inferior to standard solutions of a much larger size.

For Lokomotiv football club stylized interfaces based on the standard Smartix UI have been implemented to preserve the general style of the company store. Self-checkout application is based on modern web technologies and adapts to any screen format.

Smartix specialists have integrated self-checkout software with accounting system of the football club. Provides updating of the commodity database, unloading of sales operations. Additionally, integration with the Manzana loyalty system has been implemented. Customers were given the opportunity to accumulate and write off points within self-service kiosks, paying part of the cost of purchases in accordance with the settings set on the side of the Lokomotiv FC loyalty system.

Self-checkouts support the sale of labeled products, taking into account the national Chestny ZNAK system, which includes clothing, footwear and a number of paraphernalia presented in the Lokomotiv FC brand store. Implemented full cycle of sales and tracking operations in accordance with the law.

Why TOUCHPLAT® self-checkouts

TOUCHPLAT is a Russian manufacturer of cash-checkouts and self-service kiosks under the TOUCHPLAT® trademark. The company has rich experience in development of such equipment, and is ready to offer potential customers a wide range of premium class devices in floor, desktop and wall versions. TOUCHPLAT® self-service kiosks can currently be found in TOP-10 retail chains in almost any business area.

Why Smartix software

Self-service cash desks based on Smartix software are not only modern functional software — widest experience, competencies and understanding of the needs of sports facilities, knowledge of the specifics of the industry, these are the strengths that allow Smartix specialists to offer potential customers one of the best solutions on the market.

In addition to their main function, self-service devices can act as a universal digital platform for launching any functionality — advertising and information panels, ticket sales, personal fan accounts, payment for additional services, etc.


In the process of purchasing branded goods of the club, visitors appreciated the simplicity and convenience of self-service checkouts. The software basically meets all the requirements of customers of this class. The possibilities of integration and online interaction with accounting system and loyalty system allowed self-service devices to freely enter the existing IT infrastructure of the club.

Cash registers based on Smartix software are suitable for automating any sports organizations and facilities. The variability of functionality, use of the most modern technologies, wide range of devices and ability for adaptation will allow to implement any project with any set of customer requirements for software and hardware.