Loyalty systems support at Smartix self-checkouts

Retailers are actively using various loyalty systems to attract new and retain regular customers. At the moment, discount systems using plastic or electronic loyalty cards are the most popular and allow users to receive fixed percentage discounts on various categories of goods or the total amount of the receipt. As well as accumulative systems based on bonuses with customizable conditions for refill and withdrawal, which can be used by the client within the purchase.

As a result of the improvements Smartix self-checkout’s software now supports loyalty systems. User can accumulate and write off bonuses within the total bill for the goods cart. Usually to write off bonuses client’s authorization with SMS confirmation at the checkout is required. The specialists worked out the entire interaction algorithm — the system requests sending of an SMS, code is sent and confirmed by the user, goods cart is recalculated in accordance with the applied bonuses and they are written off as payment.

Software supports several types of authorization, including phone number and if the device has a scanner, loyalty cards based on barcodes or QR codes are used, which can be scanned from a mobile application or applied to plastic.

Out of the box solution at the core level offers all functionality for accumulating and writing off bonuses. In addition, if a user started paying with bonuses and for some reason decided to abandon the operation, the system supports rollback accruals, in this case bonuses will be returned along with the payment amount. All aspects of interaction are thought out, a full operational cycle of the system is provided.

At the moment Smartix boxed software for self-service checkouts implements all the functionality that modern retailer needs. If additional requirements arise, solution can be finalized for a specific customer to the time when checkout’s network will be launched or in process of further use.