Self-service kiosks for fitness clubs with modern Smartix software

Fitness clubs are increasingly looking to self-service kiosks to automate sale of workout packages, accept payments and allow customers to independently manage with their membership cards. Solutions based on self-service devices not only qualitatively reduce costs of cash desk unit, but also offer modern service window with flexible options, which is in demand among visitors and significantly reduces queues during peak hours.

The effectiveness of kiosks depends not only on the set of hardware components, but also on the quality of software, functionality and opportunities for its development.

Smartix company introduces the latest version of its proprietary software for self-service kiosks in fitness clubs. A well-thought-out solution from leading developer combines experience in implementation in large regional fitness networks and independent clubs, and takes into account the industry specificities faced by business owners in the fitness and wellness industry.

Smartix software features

Devices automate routine operations and offer convenient and modern service format:

  • Client’s personal account for purchasing one-time training sessions or cards (memberships) with set of services
  • Functional trainings showcase with the ability to make appointment and pay in a couple of touches
  • Payment cart for purchasing trainings, services and goods
  • Various ways to register for trainings (prepayment, postpayment, reservation)
  • Personal accounts of clients with the ability to replenish and debit when purchasing trainings, services and goods
  • Flexible club card management with the possibility of extending and freezing memberships under certain conditions

Interface includes customizable training showcase with the ability to make appointments, edit orders and pay, with description, breakdown by category and tags. Various prices are taken into account, for example, for regular and qualified trainers and existence of available places.

How kiosk works

After signing the agreement and registering in the club system, client receives a club card. Subsequently kiosk is used to independently make payments for its receipt, renewal and management of services.

For access to personal account, client must log in to the kiosk system. The club card or bracelet is bringing to the reader or client’s phone number is entered into the interface.

Personal account provides comprehensive management of all fitness club services:

  • Card and personal account management
  • View training schedules and purchase them
  • Possibility to sign up for training or one-time classes with trainer selection
  • Freezing or unfreezing services
  • Payment of debts
  • Registration of one-time visits
  • Replenishment of your personal account for future purchases at the kiosk

For clients who do not wish to register and authorize, one-time access to services without authorization is possible. It is also possible to organize one-time free trial classes.

Accepting payments and replenishing personal account

Depending on the selected kiosk model and customer requirements, the device can accept cash payments through bill acceptor and non-cash payments through POS terminal, FPS and payment at a glance from Sber, as well as gift certificates and any other external means of payment.

System also includes a set of personal accounts that are used to pay for various categories of services and goods in the club. Personal client accounts with the possibility of replenishment are not only convenient for visitors, but also create regular customers and increase the competitiveness of the club.

Integration with accounting system

Smartix system supports work with the 1C:Fitness accounting system. The system core also supports the ability to integrate with any accounting systems. Specialists are ready to provide information exchange with the customer’s chosen system or develop solution for the required fitness club accounting system.

Purchasing kiosks or switching to modern software from Smartix

To implement a self-service system in club, the first thing customer needs to do is to purchase kiosk. Smartix offers wide range of premium self-service kiosks with different types of installation (floor, table or wall type), screen size and at competitive price.

After purchasing the equipment, need to sign cloud service agreement to run the software on the kiosk.

If customer already owns kiosks and considering upgrading to modern software, Smartix specialists are ready to provide advisory on existing equipment. After confirming the possibility of replacing the software Smartix specialists will quickly transfer existing devices to the updated software.

If customer requires something more than the proposed out of the box system, Smartix company is ready to implement individual solutions for large chains of fitness clubs with other accounting systems. The flexibility of the solution, variability of functionality and adaptation capabilities will allow to implement a unique project with special requirements for software and hardware.