Smartix ticket kiosks at Novosibirsk Zoo

We have launched self-service kiosks for selling entrance tickets at Novosibirsk Zoo. Now visitors can independently choose the type of ticket, number of tickets, pay and receive printed entry tickets. Smartix ticket kiosks complement the modern concept of single ticket system, combining self-service devices for purchasing tickets at the entrance and remote online service for selling tickets on the zoo’s website.

Ticket sales kiosks for automation of purchasing tickets

How ticket kiosks work

Zoo guests are offered quick and convenient purchase of tickets through an intuitive interface. After clicking Buy tickets button and entering phone number user opens a window of entrance tickets with a choice of their number by type.

Ticket sales kiosks for automation of purchasing tickets

Screen contains More details button with additional drops down information about benefits and categories of citizens who can visit zoo for free.

Ticket sales kiosks for automation of purchasing tickets

After selecting tickets, system offers to pay by bank card. Upon successful payment tickets with QR code for entry are printed using thermal printer.

Ticket sales kiosks for automation of purchasing tickets

Project features

  • As part of the project, Smartix ticket kiosks are integrated with the customer’s accounting system, payments are fiscalized through the cloud service.
  • Self-service ticket kiosks prompt customers to enter their phone number in order to if necessary, search for payment in accounting system.
  • Interface stylized in the corporate colors of the Novosibirsk Zoo.


Ticket sales kiosks installed at the entrance are in high demand among visitors. The speed and ease of purchase and intuitive interface make them accessible to any age category. During the season daily number of visitors varies between 8-10 thousand people and most of them now choose self-service kiosks to purchase entrance tickets.

Self-service devices have significantly reduced queues and speeded up the process of purchasing tickets. The workload of the classic cash registers has been relieved. The modern window for selling tickets through ticket kiosks has made visiting the zoo even more accessible for people who want to purchase tickets on the spot, but do not want to stand in line to the ticket office or have difficulty purchasing tickets remotely on the zoo’s website.

Ticket sales app

In addition to ticket kiosks or instead of self-service devices, we offer the use of Smartix ticket application. To access it, visitors need to scan QR code with link using their smartphone, go to the web application in the browser to purchase tickets, select the ticket type, quantity and pay through the Fast payment system. The ticket will be sent to the specified e-mail, solution additionally support sending link to the paid ticket in SMS format.

Ticket sales kiosks for automation of purchasing tickets

All the customer needs is to place banner or stand with QR code for scanning in the checkout area or at any other place convenient for visitors. If necessary, web application can be equipped with any screens with advertising and informational content, reference information, etc.


Smartix ticket system is a well-thought-out, functional solution that fundamentally solves the problems of automating ticket sales and at the same time can be flexibly adapted and modified for a specific customer. Ticket kiosks and web application are used to sell entrance tickets, as well as tickets with choice of seats — suitable for zoos, skating rinks, museums, exhibitions and concert arenas, as well as for cinema halls, theaters, sports grounds and many other types of locations and events.