TOUCHPLAT™ checkouts with Smartix software at Retail TECH 2022

TOUCHPLAT announces participation in Retail TECH 2022, the largest exhibition of up-to-date solutions and equipment for the retail industry. There will be demonstration of TOUCHPLAT™ self-service devices, which will use Smartix software. The solution will be available at 2.91 stand (second floor).

Event will take place from 12 to 14 April at the World Trade Center (WTC) in Moscow. Visitors will be introduced to modern retail formats, key trends in the transformation of stores into e-commerce, as well as innovations and new services in the trading area.

Smartix software solves the whole range of tasks for launching self-service checkouts and self-checkout systems, allows to automate retail outlet of any format and area.

Advantages of TOUCHPLAT checkouts with Smartix software

  • Automation of the sale of services and goods in wholesale and retail networks
  • Reduced personnel costs
  • The ability to deploy a website or an online store of the customer in the interface
  • Significant increase in the throughput of the cash unit
  • Reducing the space allocated for traditional cash registers, compact equipment
  • Increasing customer loyalty, reaching a wider target group of consumers


  • Support for scales, scanners, laser printers, toppers, integration with shop equipment upon request
  • Integration with 1C, other accounting systems
  • Product labeling support
  • Support for loyalty cards, marketing functionality (bonuses, promotions)
  • Support for working with 18+ category goods
  • Advertising management module, videos and banners on interface screens and when idle
  • Interface styling and branding, custom development

Features of Smartix software

  • Full-featured back office, online statistics, financial monitoring and viewing events in the network of devices
  • Online monitoring of equipment (presence of receipt paper, communication status, technical malfunctions)
  • System of SMS, E-mail, Telegram notifications about the work of automatic cash desks for responsible employees
  • Full compliance with 54 Federal law, support for local fiscal equipment and cloud fiscal services
  • Remote software update system

Thanks to the built-in capabilities, TOUCHPLAT checkouts with Smartix software are suitable for any area, including food and non-food retail, FMCG and DIY products, as well as highly specialized areas — fashion boutiques, pharmacies, drogeries, fast food, confectionery, etc. The solution is being finalized for any requirements of customers, and also integrates with any accounting systems at the time of launch or in the process of use.