Self-services: more than just self-checkout

When implementing self-checkouts and self-service kiosks, the most important factor is reducing personnel costs. Hiring, training and maintaining employees involves a lot of difficulties that automatic self-checkouts do not have. An additional advantage is the automation of routine work, reduction of queues and increased throughput of the outlet.

At the same time, purchasing self-checkouts is only part of the solution, you also need to pay special attention to the software choice. Equipping self-checkouts with functional software allows the devices to seriously compete with a living person and allows retailer to provide a better shopping experience and significantly reduce costs in the long term.

Most of systems on the market are classic self-checkout or selecting products from catalog in electronic storefront, but what if customer requires non-standard features?

Customized system

To launch a non-standard project, the most suitable option would be boxed software based on ready-made modules with flexible features and Smartix self-service system for self-checkouts and kiosks is built using this principle.

Specialists determine what kiosk or electronic cashier can do for a specific customer and what routine operations it can automate. An analysis of existing user actions is carried out, the logic of interaction on the side of the self-service device is worked out, the required functionality is compiled on the basis of existing modules or they are adapted for new tasks.

An example of capabilities and business processes that can be converted to self-service format:

1. Connecting external printers for printing contracts, documents, forms, shipping documents, invoices for independently receiving orders from the warehouse.

2. Automation of reception with client’s personal account, notification of arrival using a QR code, editing basket of services, replenishing the balance, viewing and paying debts and printing tickets.

3. Initial client registration, authorization using SMS code, scanning and recognition of passports.

4. Dispensing of prepaid SIM cards, smart cards, bank cards, electronic passes, etc.

5. Deployment of website, storefront, Internet catalog at payment kiosk.

6. Acceptance of various means of payment — bank cards, FPS, payment by glance from Sberbank, gift certificates and any external means of payment, support for local fiscal equipment and cloud fiscalization services.

The necessary equipment is already integrated for the operation of the modules described above. There are no risks associated with development from scratch, when additional time and financial costs are required, and errors may occur during the process.

In addition to retail automation, the solution can be actively used in clinics and medical institutions, fitness clubs, fast food establishments, minimarkets, banks, multifunctional centers and government agencies with service offices, hotels, sports facilities, water parks, etc.

By combining self-checkouts with Smartix electronic queue system seamless service is implemented for selecting product or service and queuing to receive it.

Integration with external systems

Smartix supports the ability to integrate with any external accounting systems via universal REST API. Seamless, transparent information exchange between systems is realized. As an example, we can note ready-made support for 1C and MoySklad. It is also possible to work without an accounting system, when all goods and services are added on the Smartix side.

At the same time, it is possible to transfer any data from the system, for example events of technical monitoring of devices to external systems.

Flexible abilities for retail

Smartix supports classic self-checkout, but a distinctive feature of the system is the ability to run not only standard scanning of goods, interactive storefront or payment of prepared invoices. At the customer’s request, buttons with any functionality can be added to the main screen of the self-checkout or kiosk. As a result, device can solve many additional tasks within the point of sale.

For example, perform the functionality of a price checker, informational panel, control remote coffee machine or allow visitors to order and pay for dishes from fast food restaurant on the retailer’s area or coffee from a coffee point.

Completed projects

Individual self-service systems are chosen by leading companies in their industry, such as MTS retail chain, ETM electrical equipment distributor, Petrovich construction trading house, MEDSI clinics, EMC medical centers, Karo cinema chain and others. More information about implementations at cases page of Smartix company.


Cash registers and kiosks based on Smartix software provide non-standard capabilities for individual projects of any scale. The solution was developed by a team with many years of experience in automation in the field of self-service and was initially created for flexible adaptation to specific project requirements.

The key advantage of self-service system is implementation of interesting, unique solutions for customers. The choice of Smartix for sales automation by leading companies with 130 000 clients per month confirms the quality of product and availability of relevant competencies among specialists.


Smartix carries out turnkey projects that include supply of software for the customer’s existing equipment, including those consisting of mixed models of devices and hardware components. If customer requires devices + software, specialists are ready to select equipment and offer the purchase of self-checkouts and self-service kiosks from Smartix from a wide range of premium models at the most affordable prices on the Russian market.