Flexible closure of cash registers and POS terminals for Smartix self-service checkouts

When self-service cash registers are implemented into various business areas, there are particularities of working with cash register shifts, which depend on the opening hours of the establishment. Usually not every cash register software can comply with the required accounting policy.

To meet the needs of the business and at the same time comply with the conditions for conducting trade through self-service devices, it is necessary to expand software functionality.

Originally, Smartix self-service checkouts were configured to close checkout shifts only at certain times, usually at the end of the day. Along with the increase in the number of customers, there was a need to implement more flexible functionality in parallel with connecting to a business system with non-standard, dynamically changing working hours, for example, entertainment or leisure facilities with work until the last visitor.

How it works

Previously, the closing time for cash register shifts was forced to 24 hours. Smartix specialists brought the settings for the behavior of online cash registers to the server — in the back office there was a section for configuring cash register with advanced features.

Now the cash register owner can choose different logic for working with cash register shifts:

  • Close shifts on schedule
  • Close shifts automatically after the end of the day
  • Disable all parameters, in this case shift will be closed by the employee at the time chosen by him

If the option of closing by an employee (without automatic closing of the cash register) is selected, if there is no closing of the shift after 24 hours, the cash register is blocked and does not process operations until the shift is closed, as required by law.

A separate service menu has been added for the self-service checkouts, which allows an employee to log in using a barcode or RFID card. After authorization employee can close the cash register shift and the banking day for POS terminal, as well as print the totals on the receipt tape.

The list of employees is managed through the back office. Authorization data for access to the cash register service menu and shift management are entered in a special section of point’s access settings. Then they are converted into a barcode or recorded on an employee’s RFID card.


The improved functionality of customizable closure of cash register shifts and POS terminals for Smartix cash registers allows their owners to conduct business without worrying about the processing of cash register shifts and occurring restrictions when using self-checkout counters. Smartix specialists take care of compliance with 54 Federal law, in case of additional legal requirements or the need to launch new functionality, Smartix cash register software will be promptly modified in the interests of customers.