Smartix self-checkout software supports POS systems

Smartix software for self-service checkouts now works with touch screen POS systems. Modern POS-systems have proven themselves for automating small retail outlets: minimarkets, convenience stores. Due to their compactness and low cost, POS computers are suitable for automating any area of trade including small and medium-sized services.

Smartix software has been successfully tested on a popular device — Atol Optima V5. The software can be run on any POS-terminal based on x64 bit OS, with 4 GB RAM, Dual-Core processor with 2 GHz and 64 GB memory card.

Despite the lack of a bright industrial screen and vandal-resistant case, POS system is perfect for solving the problem of implementing self-checkout processes in certain areas of the retail business. The POS-computer is equipped with scanner, receipt printer, if necessary it can be placed on a special holder or attached to the wall and allows customers to scan and pay for various goods on their own.

Smartix specialists continue to develop the solution and expand the functionality for existing and potential customers. Complete Smartix software for self-service checkouts basically includes all features required by a modern retailer. If additional requirements arise, the complex can be flexibly modified at request.