Kiosks for ordering products of own production for grocery retail

Modern retail chains actively sell products of their own production on the territory of their stores. The assortment includes dishes in the fast food segment, bakery, confectionery, healthy food. Thanks to the goods of own production, the overall turnover and the size of the average receipt are noticeably increased. And along with the growth in the number of buyers, there is a need to automate the order, payment and issuance of this product type.

About solution

Smartix company offers specialized kiosks for ordering products of own production at the trading area. The complex includes a fully functional turnkey system:

1. Self-service kiosks

A customizable menu showcase with groupings, modifiers, an editable shopping cart, loyalty system and advertising while idle management modules are supported.

2. Electronic queue system

When placing an order through a kiosk, ticket dispensing to the buyer. Smartix software sends information about the order to the electronic display. As a result, the customer receives a complete solution “showcase + electronic display” within one system.

3. Web application for chef and employee at order issue

It runs on any browser-enabled device and is used by chefs to handle orders. When order is received, the chef sees the time of readiness, composition and comments. After readiness, the employee at the issuance gives the client order and marks its successful completion.

Why Smartix

Retailer could use one of the popular order-taking automation systems specializing in food service (iiko, Quick Resto R_keeper, etc.), however, in most cases store chain already has deployed its own accounting system and adding an additional full-fledged system just for ordering is meaningless.

Smartix is the best choice for automating orders for your own products at the trading areas:

  • Ready-made turnkey system — kiosks, electronic queue, payment acceptance, fiscalization, monitor of the chef and employee at the order issue.
  • For launch only integration with the store’s accounting system is required (updating the product base, transferring completed transactions).
  • System with a single server, includes single integration, single reporting and statistics, centralized monitoring and remote control of devices network.


The Smartix system, which includes kiosks, electronic display and chef/employee console at order issue, can qualitatively improve the throughput of food halls in super- and hypermarkets, discounters and superstores and also transfer the usual cash desk unit with staff to a self-service format.

Devices do not have to be located on the territory of the products sale — they can be installed anywhere in the store. When choosing an assortment, visitor select the appropriate pickup time and go shopping. At the ready time, all he has to do is pick up the order from the pick-up employee. The level of customer focus is increasing and the process of buying ready-made food in the store is becoming modern, simple and convenient.