Signal toppers support for Smartix checkouts

Smartix self-service checkouts now support toppers with light indications. This device allows to visually signal the state of the checkouts for customers and employees (green — checkout is free, yellow — in use, red — participation of an employee is required due to an error or there is need to release 18+ goods, etc.).

Now when in the process of alternately bringing and scanning the product items with a barcode, a product of the 18+ category comes across by the client, the topper is triggered at the top of the checkout. The employee sees the signal, comes for performing the age check and if everything is alright, brings the personal barcode/RFID card to the checkout scanner to confirm the payment.

Thanks to toppers, the efficiency of processes is further increased and the throughput of checkouts is optimized for both customers and consultants, which is extremely important for large stores with a dozen devices.

Smartix specialists offer self-checkout counters that meet all the needs of modern retail. Functional software provides basic effective automation of trade in any format and the implementation of any range of products or services. Smartix checkouts are suitable for launching any scenarios of interaction with customers, as well as flexible development of existing functionality in the process of use following the changing needs of end customers and solution owners.